About Us

Our story begins in 2008 when our co-founders realized the growing gap between the amount of data being created and the ability for humans to make sense of it all when making critical decisions. We started out as a scrappy group of analytically-minded problem solvers, and over the past 12 years we have grown into an end-to-end analytics consultancy serving customers across the business intelligence pipeline. With only 70 employees we have consistently focused on quality, refined methodologies, premier technology, and most importantly customer results and return on investment. We feel honored that you are exploring our website. We hope you learn something along the way and would delight in the opportunity to partner with you in achieving your analytics objectives.

Our Mission

Help leaders rapidly align to a changing reality using data.

Decisive Data Values:

Communicate Fearlessly

Fear keeps us from growth. It keeps us from being honest. Communicating fearlessly is a discipline we encourage and celebrate internally and is manifested in the way we serve our customers (partners). We believe this is a key component to showing up as our best selves (whole self), building trusted relationships, working through adversity, and ultimately getting to the best results. When we are clear we are kind.

Realize Potential

Realizing potential is seeing the best in others, knowing that each one of our employees has a universe of complexity and passion underneath the surface. If we can help our employees realize their own potential, there is no limit to the problems we can solve for customers. Our team is committed to the problems our customers are looking to solve, thinking proactively, and making recommendations along the way for continuous improvement. Realizing the true potential and power of your data is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Win Together

Everything we do revolves around your results. We are laser-focused on tangibly producing an ROI that is compelling to you, your team and your company. Each one of our projects starts with an understanding of your key objectives and desired results (metrics and KPIs influenced). Your extreme satisfaction is our measure of success.

Decisive Data Leadership Team
Luke Hartsock
Alissa Seiple
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Grimm
Chief Data Strategist
Zack Mazzoncini
Vice President of Business Development
Barclay Klingel
Chief of Analytics Products and Services
Peter Eilers
Chief Operating Officer
David Chen
Director of Legal Affairs
Bri Larson
Chief of Staff